Self Hypnosis Techniques to Build Self Esteem

August 30, 2010

There are a number of self hypnosis techniques that you can use for a variety of purposes, including building your self esteem. You may consider several or just one of the techniques to use on yourself depending on what you think will be the most effective for you.

You may need to review each technique mentioned here and consider the way you “think” first before deciding on which method will work best for you.

The easiest and most common technique is by using a self hypnosis CD or mp3. These can be purchased in a number of places online or in stores. Some services offer you the ability to create your own self hypnosis CD or you can even create your own at home. If you already have been practicing your self esteem affirmations, you may be fine with listening to your own voice during the self hypnosis session, or you may prefer the sound of someone else’s voice. You should choose the option which is more likely to help you absorb the suggestions.

Another technique is using subliminal CDs. These are recordings in which the suggestions or affirmations are delivered at a level where your subconscious mind can hear and absorb them, but your conscious mind barely hears them. Subliminal means below the threshold of your conscious mind to perceive.  Audio stimuli may be played below audible volumes or masked by
other stimuli like music or binaural beats

There is also the Ericksonian Hypnosis Method that can be very effective for a people who are very self aware. This technique uses little stories or metaphors to help reduce or eliminate one’s conscious resistance to suggestions or the desired change. To use this method on yourself, look for audio CDs that incorporate this highly effective “indirect” method.

The last option I will talk about here is Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP. You may have heard about it if you have done any personal growth work. “The basic premise of NLP is that the words we use reflect an inner, subconscious perception of our problems. If these words and perceptions are inaccurate, as long as we continue to use them and to think of them, the underlying problem will persist. In other words, our attitudes are, in a sense, a self-fulfilling prophecy.” – There are a variety of NLP programs available to purchase, and you may also choose to work with an NLP practitioner.

No matter what self hypnosis technique you decide to use, it’s important that you read or listen to the instructions given, and follow them exactly. If you find that one technique is not working for you after a reasonable time, try another. Change can take time and sometimes you may not see the changes as you go through the process. I suggest keeping a journal and writing down your thought and experiences as you go. When you look back, you may be very happily surprised!

Self Esteem Affirmations to Boost Your Self Esteem

August 16, 2010

Have you tried using self esteem affirmations yet? Healthy self esteem is critical to living and accomplishing great things in your life. Since some psychologists say that 70% of families in the world are dysfunctional, we know that the self esteem of children can suffer greatly and what we learn as children becomes the blueprint for our lives.

That’s why I love affirmations and visualizations. No, it’s not magic or some mystical being intervening in our lives, but it’s us taking control of our thoughts and deciding that we can be in charge of what we think. Affirmations are the perfect way to do this.

They are easy to come up with using some simple rules, and they are easy to do. You can say them out loud several times a day, you can read them on sticky notes or flash cards or you can record them on at tape or CD and listen to them while you are working or doing chores. You can listen quietly or just have them playing in the background.

Another extremely effective way to use affirmations to boost your self esteem is by listening to audio’s that are infused with binaural beats that
change the state of your brain, that is, they allow you to go to the alpha state or theta state where your brain is more easily changed and can learn better and faster that normal.

Here are some very easy and fun affirmations to start with. Say them out loud with enthusiasm and a smile on your face:

  1. I live myself, I like myself, I like myself
  2. I’m a wonderful person, I’m a wonderful person, I’m a wonderful person.
  3. I’m truly smart! I’m truly smart! I’m truly smart!
  4. Everyday in every way I get better and better.
  5. I have fun and enjoy every day.

These simple affirmations can make you feel better and make your day more joyful and productive. Try to say these self esteem affirmations at lease once per day and you will be amazed at the changes in your life!