Autosuggestion Can Change Your Life

January 11, 2011

Have you ever paid attention to what you say to yourself? I’ll bet you a nickle it’s not always very nice. And I also bet you wouldn’t let anyone else talk to you the way you do!

Yes, it seems to be a bad habit for many of us (me included).

I catch myself saying some pretty awful stuff to myself. Even though I don’t always mean it (although sometimes I do), I don’t want to be those awful things.

Guess what?

I’m training myself to think and be those things, and if you’re doing this, you are too.
Napoleon Hill
So, I’ve been listening to “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill for about the 4th time and I’ve heard some things I didn’t hear before.  This idea of Autosuggestion really hit me this time. It’s what we call Affirmations basically. But it seems like there is more too it and it’s not just about money, it’s about everything you are that you don’t want to be!

The underlying principle behind this is:

… that any idea exclusively occupying the mind turns into reality, although only to the extent that the idea is within the realms of possibility. For instance, a person without hands will not be able to make them grow back. However, if a person firmly believes that his or her asthma is disappearing, then this may actually happen, as far as the body is actually able to physically overcome or control the illness. On the other hand, thinking negatively about the illness (ex. “I am not feeling well”) will encourage both mind and body to accept this thought.

– From Wikipedia

So now, I’m being very conscious about what I say to myself, both out loud and in my head. When I catch myself saying something like “You’re old”, I quickly turn it around to ” I feel young” and try and repeat that mantra several times daily. I want my reality to be, I feel young.

So I challenge you to do the same. Change what you say to yourself, be aware of what and who you want to be, then make it so.

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  1. The Gratitude Guru Says:

    Steve –

    Great post on a great topic! I am a big fan of TGR – I have read it many times. I have a hardcover edition that is getting pretty worn out!

    Funny how when you read/listen to things again and again you find new material in there! Each time you read it, you are in a different place so you pick it up! I am sure on your 5th read you will find some new stuff yet again!

    Be Well.

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