How To Use Your Affirmations

September 21, 2010

The other day I was talking to one of my friends, and she mentioned that her counselor suggested she start using affirmations to help her make some changes in her life.

I said “Cool! I happen to know something about writing and using affirmations”.

We spent some time coming up with her affirmations and wrote a few that would get her started”

Then she said “How do I use them, and how do I remember to say them?”

Good question! Here’s what I suggested.


Write down your affirmations on 3 or 4 index cards. Put one on your nightstand, one in your purse, one on the dashboard of your car and the last one where ever you think you will see it every day. When you get in the car, pick up the card and say your affirmations¬†out loud. When you are looking for something in your purse, pull out the card and say your affirmations, if you are in a crowd, you can say them to yourself so people don’t think you’re nuts. Before you go to bed, pick up that card off your nightstand and say your affirmations outloud again.

Next I asked if she had a bathroom mirror? She said yes! Perfect! Get some dry erase markers and write your affirmations on the mirror. When you go the get ready in the morning, read them out loud while looking at yourself in the mirror. Don’t worry if your family hears you, they’ll learn the new message about you as well.

So, that’s a simple way to imprint your new life changing thoughts on your conscious and sub-conscious mind. Say them several times daily, and you’ll start seeing results in short order.

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